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General Contractor Evanston: Additions, Remodeling, Decks, Porches & More

During the home additions Evanston project, the living room was reconfigured to create an open area with a clear view of the garden

Home Additions Evanston

  • House additions
  • Home addition remodeling
  • Sunroom addition
  • Front porch addition
A new living space with an open kitchen created through home remodeling Evanston

Home Remodeling Evanston

  • Kitchen remodeling
  • Bathroom remodeling
  • Basement remodeling
  • House remodeling
The result of the hard work of the porch builders Evanston team is a stunning white wooden porch

Decks & Porches Evanston

  • Decking
  • Roof decking
  • Porch construction
  • Front porch

Powerstone Construction Corp.Verified and Licensed General Contractor Evanston

If you’re looking for a professional general contractor Evanston based for home improvement services, then look no further. We provide quality home remodeling Evanston services and home addition services. Our company is well known and we have a reputation for quality services, professional skills and expertise. We have been in business for 23 years and we have extensive experience and skills that we have gained during that time.. We are fully licensed and insured and offer a variety of professional services. These include home additions and home remodeling Evanston services, we offer bathroom remodeling and kitchen remodeling. In addition we offer outstanding porch construction Evanston services and quality deck building Evanston services. Our teams are highly skilled, experienced and knowledgeable. Whatever you have in mind they will be able to carry it out and produce an outstanding result.

Benefits Of Hiring Powerstone Construction Evanston

Our contractors are all experienced, qualified and skilled, when you hire Powerstone you can be confident that you are hiring professionals. We have a reputation for reliability and trust, you can count on us to give you 100 % and nothing less. We will always be available if you wish to contact us and we will make sure that you are communicated with throughout the project.
Powerston Construction Corp is a fully licensed home remodeling Evanston company.
We are fully insured in case of any unexpected accidents, so don’t worry you are covered.
Powerstone has been providing professional services for more than 23 years. Our individual contractors are all experts in their specific fields and highly experienced. When you hire us you are hiring professionalism, expertise and experience.
We give a full service so that you don't need to hire any other contractors, this enables us to keep our prices low whilst giving you the highest standards of professional service.
Our professional home remodeling Evanston team are experts when it comes to construction. We will take of your project from start to finish. We will give you a full expert service, you can leave everything to us.
Our company is family run and family owned. It has been built upon the family values of trust, responsibility, reliability and outstanding service.

Home Additions Evanston

Over the past decade, we have been transforming our clients’ homes and their lives by creating stunning home additions Evanston. At Powerstone Corporation Inc, we specialize in providing expert home remodels, including: basement additions, second-storey additions and room additions. We have extensive experience and skills from work in the industrial field that allows us to create such superior dream home transformations. We use only the best materials and we have the lowest prices. Whatever you want, or whatever you are imagining if it is possible we have the tools, the skills and the experience to bring it to reality.
Home additions Evanston project resulted in a stunning living room with an open area that integrates with the garden
The kitchen area during transformation as part of the whole home remodeling Evanston project

Home Remodeling Evanston Contractor

Powerstone Construction Corp is a highly experienced company specializing in home remodeling Evanston services. We have been building stylish remodels for over 30 years and we know how difficult and disruptive the process can be for you and your family. We know how nervous and excited you feel wishing it was over and finished and you could see your completed remodel. That is why we strive to make the process as easy as possible for you and your family. Our skilled contractors will do everything they can to make sure the project runs smoothly and as swiftly as possible. We specialize in home remodelingEvanston services, including kitchen remodeling Evanston, basement remodeling Evanston and bathroom remodeling Evanston. We also offer general contractor Evanston services. All of our expert contractors have extensive construction experience and are highly trained and skilled. Contact us for more information or to book an appointment. We offer free estimates.

Decks Evanston & Porches

Professionally constructed decks are high in trend and coveted by many house owners. They give you a place to relax, socialize or even spend family time outside, in the open where you can breathe the fresh air. In addition to this, they also add to the value of your home. Beautifully designed porches have also stepped into the limelight recently, as another alternative from where the great outdoors can be enjoyed. Powerstone is a well-established company supplying quality made decks and porches. We have been delivering stunning decks and beautiful porches for more than 30 years. We complete the whole process; our general contractor Evanston will inform you of our available choices, and then help you design the perfect construction for your needs. Our experienced porch builders Evanston and deck builders Evanston are highly trained and skilled and will construct your space from premium quality materials. They will then make sure it is safely installed on your property. Contact us and we will help with professional advice to find the perfect structure at the perfect price.

The backyard's outdoor oasis thanks to the porch builders Evanston team
The kitchen's transformation thanks to the work of the kitchen remodeling Evanston experts

Kitchen Remodeling Evanston

For kitchen remodeling Evanston homeowners recommend us, thanks to our years of experience and customer satisfaction. If you’re dreaming of a kitchen remodel to transform and bring focus to the heart of your home, our highly-skilled kitchen remodeling Evanston based team have the expertise to make your dreams come to life. With our careful attention to detail we will work with you at every stage, from design to final completion of your project.

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