Preparing Your Deck for the Winter

As winter is here, you might be thinking about staining your deck. Winters in Illinois sometimes may be quite harsh, we can have cold temperatures and snow here and there. If you want to keep your deck looking nice, having a fresh coat of stain applied will help it stand out against the snow and...

Room Addition Ideas For Small Homes

Are you finding your home no longer meets your space needs? Maybe you have a growing family or you just want more living space. If this is the case you have two options; firstly move to a bigger property, or secondly, perform a room addition on your home. A home addition is a much more affordable option compared with moving to another property. There are a number of reasons that homeovers perform room additions.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Chimney?

Chimneys are continuously exposed to the elements and over time sustain damage. Variable temperatures and moisture have a detrimental effect on chimneys. If the damage is neglected it could progress to much more severe problems, including inefficient heating, leakage of poisonous gasses into the home, and even house fires.

Why Do I Need A Building Permit?

Building permits ensure that newly constructed buildings adhere to the minimum safety standards, which are established for the protection of the building occupants. Official inspectors will inspect the building, during construction, and after, to ensure the standards are being met. A building permit is required before any new construction, repair, addition or alterations can begin. It is also required for demolition projects.