Room Addition Ideas For Small Homes

November 28, 2022

Are you finding your home no longer meets your space needs? Maybe you have a growing family or you just want more living space. If this is the case you have two options; firstly move to a bigger property, or secondly, perform a room addition on your home. A home addition is a much more affordable option compared with moving to another property. There are a number of reasons that homeovers perform room additions.

  1. What Room Additions Are Right for You? Take a Look.
  2. How Much Does a Room Addition Cost You? Let’s Find Out.

Benefits For Home Additions Include:

  • Redesign your home to your exact requirements and preferences
  • Stay in the same neighborhood with the same neighbors
  • Increase your property value
  • Avoid the cost and hassle of moving
  • Increase living space
  • Add a home office
  • Create more bedrooms
  • Creates more area for hobbies or entertainment
  • It is not as stressful of as expensive compared to moving
  • Have more storage space

If you love your house but it just needs a little more space or maybe a new layout, then a home addition is the perfect solution to meet your needs. With reliable, professional home additions contractors the process can be straightforward and a smooth process.

Home Additions Vs Moving To a New Property

Many people outgrow their home and start looking for a larger one, but if you love your home and the only thing that needs to be changed is that it needs to be a bit bigger then why put yourself through the stress and expense of moving properties. To move you also have to sell your existing property so it is not as simple as just moving to a different place, you need time and money in order to sell your existing home first. When you move, you must spend money hiring a real estate agent, purchasing a home, paying fees, paying the moving company and making necessary improvements. Plus, you have all the disruption of moving to a new area, changing the kids schools, and various other stressful activities. A home or room addition, however, will cost less than buying a new home, and you only have to pay the contractor for materials and labor. You’ll save a lot of time too!

Home Additions –  Adding Value to Your Home

Even though home additions are a fraction of the cost of moving, they still cost a significant amount, as any home improvement does. But home additions should be thought of as an investment rather than an expense because, not only do they give you the required space that you need but they also add significant value to your property. So, if you do decide to sell in the future you will get a return on your investment.

room addition cost project

What Room Additions Do You Need?

Before you decide on what home additions Chicago you require, it is important to consider what it is that you think your house lacks or needs. Do you need more bedrooms, a larger kitchen, or maybe you want to add a home office or a home gym? Whatever you need there are a whole range of different room additions that can be constructed to meet your needs. Room addition ideas include:

  • Kitchen addition
  • Bathroom addition
  • Basement renovation
  • Sunroom or conservatory
  • Office space
  • Family room addition
  • Guest or in-law addition
  • Bedroom and ensuite addition

To determine what home additions or room addition that you need there are questions that you can ask yourself:

  1. What are the main areas in my home that cause me problems and that would be solved with more space?
  2. What are the future needs of my home, in terms of function and space?
  3. What home additions would not solve any of the problems?
  4. Where do I lack the most space?

The most common answers that homeowners tend to come up with is that they lack space for storage, sleeping, bathrooms and entertaining areas. It is also important to consider the future, and anything that may change your lifestyle. Such as expanding your family, your children becoming teenagers and needing their own rooms and maybe their own bathroom. You may need space to accommodate aging parents, or you may begin working from home in the near future.

How Much Does a Room Addition Cost?

The room addition cost depends upon the type of room addition you want and the size that you require. Cost is typically calculated on square footage, different room addition contractors will also charge different prices. It is a good idea to get several quotes from different contractors to get an idea of a good price. It is worth paying a little more and hiring a professional, experienced contractor in the long run than going with the cheapest price and hiring a contractor who may not have much training and does not build the addition to the standard that you want.