Preparing Your Deck for the Winter

December 21, 2022

As winter is here, you might be thinking about staining your deck. Winters in Illinois sometimes may be quite harsh, we can have cold temperatures and snow here and there. If you want to keep your deck looking nice, having a fresh coat of stain applied will help it stand out against the snow and give it a new lease on life. It’s best to get this done before winter sets in; once it gets cold, it can be hard to do much outside! But if you are late, you can still do something to protect it!

Protect Your Deck’s Pores From Snow And Ice

Wood is a natural material, so it’s prone to absorbing moisture. This means that water can seep into the spaces between its fibres and cause warping, rot, and other damage. Putting an end to this cycle is simple: just use a waterproof deck stain to seal the wood and protect it from rain, snow, and ice throughout the winter.

Insulate Your Deck From The Cold Air

When you’re out in the cold, the wood on your deck can become brittle and shrink. Staining and sealing your deck will help it stay intact during these winter months. A good stain will make the wood resistant to water damage and also help insulate it from extreme cold air.

Winter Deck Cleaning

Although you may not get much use out of your deck during winter, you should still clean it constantly throughout the season. A good deck stain will make it easier to keep your deck looking great during the winter months by providing a smooth, sealed surface that allows snow and ice to be removed with ease.

Protect Your Deck From Winter’s Wrath

Don’t let cold weather slow down your deck staining Chicago project. Do all the prep work and you’ll be able to enjoy a newly stained deck all winter long.